Olivet Spotlight! New Albany, IN

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Handmade Chocolate Trufffles

The Olivet is located in Underground Station is quickly becoming one of Downtown New Albany’s most
sought after locations, with such stores as Sew Fitting, Aladdins Mediterranean Food,
Dream Boutique, Green Earth Outdoors, New Albany Massage and Underground
Classic Cuts, and The Olivet.

Once you enter The Olivet you will be embraced by the
Southern hospitality (Mississippi) of owner, Crystal Gobel, and her friendly staff.
Crystals husband, local lawyer, Tony, often frequents the store to help pitch in, or make
trips to make sure they have some of the best local items. The store has an old italian flare.
Her creative store blends amazing gifts, handmade candies, snacks,imported pastas, amazing infused
olive oils and much more. It is hard not to be mesmerized by the smells, looks, and overall
layout of this wonderful little store. Take a look, as we meet up with Crystal and learn a bit more
about her store,passion, and the history, that lead up to The Olivet.

Handmade Chocolate Trufffles

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