Lady V Artesanal Handmade Soups

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Founder Virginia Lefevre of Lady V Artesanal Handmade Soups has brought her own spin to the soap business. She has blended organic oils and essentials to each bar of soap. Her line goes beyond soaps, she has face clay masks, balms, lotion bars and much more. The bars are rich and moisturizing to the skin. A top seller is the red clay bar soap which is one of the best clay bars I have ever used! You see the clay in the water as you rinse off leaving your hands so soft! The benefits of the red clay to the skin is amazing.

Her story began when she was young and experienced several medical problems and as she was given medicines, they didn’t quite agree with her, so she had to look or alternative medications which led her to using essential oils for relief.

Today, her home based business has grown because people realize the quality in the product. The lotion bars leave the skin feeling like they have been dipped in oil without the oily feeling at all. Just moisture!! You can find her products online, at the local Market in New Albany, IN or at local shows.

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