Making the choice to sell can be very exciting and nerve racking because most sellers do not know where to really begin. The number one question often asked by sellers is; should I call a REALTOR to come take a look at my home first? Answer is yes. You will need to get professional opinion on what needs to be done in order to get the most value out of your home.

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Bass Group Real Estate is committed to treating each client like they are our only client. Expect open lines of communication at all times. Our goal is to bring top dollar by using our proven marketing plan which sets us aside from our competition. We will skillfully negotiate on your behalf with full knowledge of all activity associated with your area to secure the best price and the timely closing. We are a dedicated group of full time agents who dedicate our time to bring you pre-approved buyers. We implement proactive and aggressive marketing plans to get each home sold.

The Seller Representation Agreement is a contract between the seller and the broker. This will allow for the broker and a specific agent the exclusive right to sell your property for a designated period of time. The contract includes things like duties of the realtor, the amount of commission, asking price and other selling terms.closing

A market analysis is also often called a CMA. (Comparison Market Analysis) This report is to show home owners a good starting point of where their home should be priced. It will highlight the activity within the last 6 months in your area. For example, Active listings will be your competition, Pending Listings are homes that have an accepted offer and show what the market is doing now, Sold Listings will tell us what it has been doing and finally Expired Listings will point out homes that sat on the market for the length of the listing contract.

Each parameter is important information when putting a value to your home. Bass Group Real Estate should do a walkthrough of your property to get a better understanding of your home and see the condition and additional value when pricing your home.


This is probably one of the most important steps you will do in order to get your home sold. Staging not only sets the tone for the impression you will leave your prospective buyer but it will encourage them to imagine themselves living there. Staging your home consist of decluttering, getting rid of personal photos & re- arranging furniture to make rooms look bigger. It will be a case by case basis but you will add instant value to your home by doing certain upgrades to your home.

Home inspections are usually done by the buyers after having an accepted offer. The inspection report will reveal the condition in which the home is in. This will include but not limited to plumbing, electrical, appliances, foundation concerns, roof, attic, insulation, windows, heating and air units, basements, crawl space, and garages. There are several inspections a buyer can add to this like, a radon, pest, septic, survey of property lines, and verification of square footage. It is always a good idea to be proactive and get an inspection done on your property so there are no surprises later. Being proactive will save youPittsburgh-home-inspection-image time during your sell of your home.

Getting the most value or higher asking price out of your home will directly correlate with how you present your home, and what upgrades you invest in. Staging your home is important to a seller because buyers are emotional and will be willing to pay higher price on  a home that has a higher appeal.
Create an environment that appeals to all senses. Smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch. Some ideas are: Play some music during your showings, that is calming and soothing, bake some cookies or burn candles prior to a showing and turn all the lights on so its brighter.
Also consider changing out old or stained carpet, vinyl for tile, new paint always goes along way & some light landscaping for curb appeal. Changing old light fixtures for modern ones and clean out old grout to make it look new.


The last thing that is probably the most important, make sure there are no running toilets, missing or dead light bulbs, holes or ugly patches on the walls, missing screws or knobs on fixtures. Things like this are inexpensive to do, and can cost you thousands of dollars on a sale. A running toilet to a buyer it may translate that you have plumbing issues and instantly reduce that price.

Adding square footage to any home adds value along with an extra bedroom or full bathroom, garages, granite countertops and molding. We can give you a basic list if you are thinking to upgrade your home and show you what the return on your investment will be.

Buyers start their search 90% of the time digitally either online or on mobile apps. The Bass Group has several aggressive marketing campaigns that we perform to ensure a sale. High Definition photos are the most important things buyers look for. Presentation is everything!


After an offer has been negotiated, you are now going to need to work on your exit plan. What do you want to do? Are you relocating? Are you upgrading or downsizing? Are you going to rent? We can assist you to moving forward with your plan. Here is a general time line of what to expect after your offer is accepted.

  • Once offer is accepted, inspections will be ordered. This can usually be done with in a 10 day frame.
  • If repairs need to made, negotiation for repairs can take up to an additional week.
  • Loan Application & Appraisal, Loan Approval and Commitment Letter, Sign Contract/Escrow Deposit: 2-4 weeks
  • Clear to close and Closing the package: 48 hours
  • Closing 1-2 hours


Closing costs and pre-paids are fees needed to close the loan. This will include, lender fees, attorney fees, tax prorations, pre-paids for home owner’s insurance and recording fees. The buyer and seller have different costs to close a loan. For the seller here is what you typically see.

  • County tax
  • Commission for the agent
  • Settlement closing fee
  • Deed preparation
  • Courier service fee
  • And home warranty or buyers concessions if applicable.


For closing you will need to bring a non-expired government  issued picture ID. If you are a veteran you will need to show your military ID. Bring home keys if giving possession at closing, and if applicable a certified check if there is an outstanding balance from the sale. The title company will provide all those numbers. Don’t worry we will walk you through it so there are no surprises.

Take the first step to getting your home sold today. Please feel free to call us to get you a Home analysis and give you advice to get the most out of your sale!


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“We are so impressed with the level of performance and hard work that the Bass Group gave us during the sale of our home. They strategically marketed our listing and were a joy to work with. We recommend them to any seller out there who wants to sell their home!”
– Kimberly & Adam D.

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