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Jacked in New Albany?

Glass was shattered, my CD’s were gone and I looked around amazed that my first time being victimized by theft was little old Downtown New Albany.  It was 1999 and I had just moved from Dallas, Tx and prior to that near Oakland, CA…never an issue, but N.A. got me.  Unfortunately, months later I became a victim again off E. Spring St.  As you can likely tell, I didn’t think much of the delapitated region, known as downtown, N.A.  Now let’s fast forward to 2016, the town has been nothing short of miraculously TRANSFORMED.

It is now my FAVORITE part of Southern Indiana.  On any given weekday or night you can find our group, or my wife and I at such amazing restaurants as The Exchange, River City Winery, Dragon’s Kings Daughter, Havana Blues, and MANY more.  In addition to these great eateries there are some local stake holds like Terry Middletown Boxing and Karate, The Grand, and Jimmy’s Music.  New shops, like Salon B, Katered To You, and Sew Fitting have brought in many local business and sealed an amazing community atmosphere.

In the summer, the city offers concerts in the park, which is an awesome experience as you cruise through the architecture and revitalized streets.  Home to Harvest Homecoming, one of the area premier events and many others through the year.  It is also home to one the mosts impressive YMCA facilities in the community.

Bazaar Building

Bazaar Building

Local Shops

Local Shops

Coming from the real estate viewpoint this renaissance of downtown New Albany is making it a great place for all age groups to live and enjoy.  A new apartment complex is underway, homes are being tastefully remodeled and the buzz is back in New Albany.  If you have not been to downtown New Albany in awhile, you are truly MISSING out.  Coming from big cities, I have to say this offers a feel and environment that is not easily duplicated.  The local government and entrepenuers have done an amazing job, bringing New Albany back from gloom to glamour.  For more detailed info of local events and entertainment, please visit

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