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It is hard to think about cakes, donuts, and good Italian food without mentioning Adrienne
Holland and her bakery. From her multiple showcases on the local news stations to the baking
of her most popular cake for Muhammed Ali, she has become a local sensation and the go-to
for decorative cakes. Since opening her first store back in 2001 in Downtown Jeffersonville, the
family owned business has continued to grow. The first expansion was the purchase and
rebranding of the former Amazing Glaze Donuts on Highway 150, Floyds Knobs. I can
personally attest to the great strides and changes in this donut shop, including the release of the
ever dangerous Bacon Maple Donut. On any given morning you may be greeted by Adrienne’s
lovely mother, Myra, or see her brother Bernie working numbers in the background. The next
phase of growth came with the expansion in the up and coming Downtown New Albany area.
Her sister Liz has taken the lead in opening this great new location and the wait for New
Albanians has paid off. It has become a great destination for delicious breakfast and lunch
options. In this interview we hoped to catch up with Adrienne to discuss her plans, inspiration,
and beginnings. We hope you enjoy the story of a great local entrepreneur and her family. We
can’t wait to see and taste what is next!

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